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FRG provides consulting services to institutional, corporate and private clients.  Services include specialized support of project planning, budgeting, scheduling and marketing activities.  With its experience as both a developer/owner and consultant, the firm provides tested solutions to critical issues.  FRG has undertaken a wide variety of real estate-oriented consulting projects.  Projects can include:


  • Review of non-earning assets and development of strategy for completion and disposition .

  • Development consulting on high-rise office building projects for major national developers with particular emphasis on conceptual development, product definition, budgeting and design control.

  • Investor representation for institutional and private clients.

  • Lease negotiation and tenant representation for corporate tenants.

  • Corporate headquarters relocation including lease vs. purchase analyses and development of specific options.

  • Computer programs and analytical tools for institutional and corporate clients, to assist staff in the review and development of major projects.

  • Project review and analysis for Fortune 500 Companies considering major corporate real estate projects.

  • Seminars and training programs for partners and asset managers  for major institutional and corporate owners.

  • Redevelopment analyses for headquarters facilities.  Evaluation of existing high-rise facility, development of program, budgets, schedules and economic analyses for each alternative.

  • Litigation Support for property owners.

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