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FRG has undertaken work on a number of problem properties where the owner was confronted with considerable physical, regulatory, marketing or economic challenges. 

Integrated Approach

Our approach begins with a clear understanding of the owner’s goals, implementation of a disciplined study to fully understand the causes and potential methods of correction, evaluation of various alternatives and a defined for plan for implementation.

Team Management

One of the most critical elements of the process is the identification of the resources required to identify, evaluate and resolve issues, including documentation to protect the value of the asset and support any litigation efforts of the owner.  Team members are selected for their specific expertise and ability to work within the owner’s schedule and budgetary requirements. 


FRG works with professional team to define the scope of required work, solicit proposals for the work, negotiate contracts and manage implementation of the work.  On of the unique characteristics of our firm is the ability to provide sophisticated consulting services and hands-on implementation of focused solutions. 



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